Howard Stern probably needs another medium to broadcast his thoughts about as much as Charlie Sheen needs more names on his porn star Rolodex. But yes, Howard has joined the ranks of Twitter, and we have a feeling he's already being blocked by more than a few conservative tweeters.

Never one to turn down a microphone, whether it be literal or digital, Howard is already bashing celebs, drooling over girls in yoga pants and offering to post nude pics of his wife. Not bad for a guy who was totally "drained" after his first Twitter lesson.

But Howard did tweet John Stamos for a little extra guidance when it came to being clever in 140 characters or less: "@JohnStamos John...I have no idea how to work I'm feeling very out of it."

And with more than 150,000 followers in his first week alone, Howard is keeping his following-to-follower ratio quite high having selectively chosen the likes of Ben Stiller, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Maher, David Spade and Demi Moore to keep tabs on.