Katy Perry wants to have new hubby Russell Brand's babies. The singer tells Elle that she isn't afraid to admit that she wants to be a mom, even if it throws her career off course.

"I think some people will die on the stage, and I'm not so sure I want to do that. Like, I want to have kids," Perry says in the March issue of the magazine. "I'm totally fine with saying that. I think some people are scared because they're worried it's going to ruin their career, but I want to live a full life."

Settling down and having kids was always part of Perry's plan, even back in the days when she wasn't sure she would be a tremendous success and set a deadline for "making it."

"I had two cars repossessed, and I was writing bad checks, but I gave myself a timeline. I thought, 'Okay, if I don't make it by 25, I'm just going to get married and pop out some babies and do some crafts,'" Perry, now 26, admits.