Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper boozed it up together in an interview for her Grammy Night '60 Minutes' special, and apparently the duo got close enough to delve into what goes on in Mother Monster's boudoir!

When the silver fox of journalism asked the 'Born This Way' singer if anyone calls her 'Stefani' rather than 'Gaga,' the eclectic musician had a sassy response. "Yes, some people do," she quipped. "Especially in bed."

"You don't want somebody yelling out 'Lady Gaga'" in the heat of the moment, Cooper pointed out.

"No," the 24-year-old Grammy winner replied. "That would freak me out."

The two even went back to visit Gaga's old New York apartment in the East Vilage, but unfortunately the new tenant wasn't exactly ready to throw her paws up and open and invite them in for some whiskey. But as a consolation prize for Cooper, Gaga shared a box filled with mementos, including the first song she ever wrote at age four called "Dollar Bills." Watch the clip after the jump.