We love a good rags to riches story, but "Golden Voice" Ted Williams is living proof that it's difficult to go from homelessness to Hollywood stardom overnight without some encountering some difficulties along the way.

Thanks to a YouTube video gone viral, Williams went from an obscure man begging for money on the streets of Columbus, Ohio to a sought-after commercial voiceover talent. He did the morning TV show circuit, and was even reunited with his mother for the first time in 10 years. But as many predicted, Williams wasn't ready for his sudden fame.

Upon Dr. Phil McGraw's suggestion, Williams checked into a rehab treatment center for his drug and alcohol addictions only a week after coming into the public eye. Then, after only two weeks in treatment and against the advice of his doctors, Williams ditched the program.

Now, according to 10 TV News, Williams has checked into a sober house in Los Angeles and is "hoping to repay those who have helped him." He's well aware that a lot of people are skeptical of his ability to rebuild his career and relationships with his family, but says he's going to take full advantage of this second chance.