In a Twitter chat with her fans, Britney Spears talked a little about her upcoming album, 'Femme Fatale,' and a lot about her everyday likes and dislikes. The 29-year-old performer even implied her wild days are over, saying, "I'm really just a boring homebody who loves staying home with my kids, and that's where I'm the happiest."

Brit's new album will be released March 29, and she's been busy "doing a lot of [promotion]" leading up to the big day. She promised, "There will be some major announcements in the next few days," and even revealed her seventh studio album will include "a few mid tempos that could be considered ballads." She described the album as "moody, edgy pop with A LOT of energy" and says she "co-wrote a couple of songs [and thinks] it's some of the best work I have ever done."

Don't expect the 'Baby One More Time' singer to make any surprise appearances at the Grammys. "I won't be there and was never planning on going," she tweeted. She does, however, have some lofty goals ahead in addition to 'Femme Fatale.' She'd like to act on the silver screen again and "would love to be in a Todd Phillips or Judd Apatow movie." Also, the dancer in Britney has "always wanted to trapeze." And maybe her wild side isn't completely gone -- another thing she's yet to achieve is her goal of "[running] with the lions."

In case you were planning on getting Brit a gift this Valentine's Day, you should know she "LOVES vanilla candles," and her favorite Starbucks drink is "their Strawberry Frappuccino." Speaking of Valentine's Day, the mom of two has "no Valentine's Day plans yet."