The Church of Scientology gets a lot of attention for all the celebrities it has drawn to Xenu. Earlier this week the religious organization was said to be under investigation for human trafficking and free labor. Now one of Tom Cruise's ex-staffers is claiming the iconic Scientologist requested the church's funds be used to build an extravagant, luxury limousine for himself and Katie Holmes.

According to, John Brosseau, a 30-year member of the church who has since resigned, claims he worked on two motorcycles, an airport hangar and the SUV for little Suri's parents. During this time, Brosseau was being paid $50 a week and was "supposed to be working for the betterment of mankind."

The actor's former lackey was denounced by the church after he participated in a New Yorker feature giving insight into the secretive religion. Brosseau is now releasing the details of the work he did for the church and its celebrity icon. The disgruntled ex-Xenu worshipper claims to have spent "2000 man-hours" creating Tom's pimped-out ride that was "like no other ever built."

Brosseau says that his former brother-in-law, church leader David Miscavige, had asked for the church's staff to "[spend] thousands of hours doing personal projects for Tom Cruise while being paid $50.00 per week as their salary." He adds that he fortunately "took a lot of photos of things I worked on over the years."