Jenni "JWoww" Farley may be the short-fused tough gal on 'Jersey Shore,' but she's also the only castmate who seems able to carry on lasting relationships. In 'The Rules According to JWoww,' the Long Islander dispenses dating and grooming advice for all you wannabe guidettes out there. And in a chat with PopEater, she credits her new love Roger Matthews for inspiring her to write it. She calls him "the guy I'm most compatible with" and admits she would "never say no" if he pops the question on Valentine's Day.

Farley also talks up future plans (roomies with Snooki?), the upcoming season of 'Shore' in Italy ("It won't hit me until I'm on the plane") and what was on that hard drive that her ex-boyfriend took from her.

How did this book come about?
A lot of my fans were writing to me for advice because they saw my relationship on the show, and they could relate to it and basically the breakup and finding new love. It's really reality checking myself, what I did wrong in the past to where I am now.