Lisa Vanderpump, one of the more down-to-earth members of the 'Real Housewives' set, stopped by PopEater HQ to chat about the Beverly Hills edition of the franchise. She filled us in on Kyle and Kim's "passionate" relationship, her robust three-times-a-year sex life (it's a joke!), whether Cedric tried to blackmail her and if she's ever jealous of Jiggy's superstardom. We also got her candid take on why she thought just-divorced Camille Grammer left a bad taste in viewers' mouths, despite being the victim of a wandering husband.

She was "very naive" early on, Lisa said of Camille. "But toward the end of the season, I think you also saw what she went through. I think for a woman to be publicly humiliated like that, when you've got cameras in your house and filming your life, it was extremely difficult for her."