If you've ever read about Dina Lohan and wondered, "What is she thinking?" you may soon find out, on a regular basis.

Lindsay Lohan
's mother, whose name was recently dragged through the mud during Katie Couric's 'Glee' cameo on Super Bowl Sunday, has agreed to co-host her own new radio show, according to RadarOnline.

The collaboration with celebrity news columnist Chaunce Hayden is to be called 'Steppin' on the Tabloids with Dina and Chaunce' and will be Mama Lohan's opportunity to discuss the latest in celeb gossip -- and, presumably, respond to the media's never-ending coverage of her own family.

The 48-year-old mom of four, often accused of oversharing in the press and capitalizing on her kids' fame, may have been eyeing a talk-show career for years. Not long before E! network's 'Living Lohan' (her 2008 foray reality TV), she told Star magazine that she'd been nicknamed 'The White Oprah' for her listening skills.

So does the controversial Hollywood matriarch plan to entice radio listeners by dishing about eldest daughter Lindsay's legal dramas, including LiLo's recent felony bust for stealing jewelry?