The hottest party of Grammy week is unquestionably Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy soiree, an event that over the years has featured the likes of Alicia Keys, Paul McCartney, a comeback performance by Whitney Houston, and so many more. This year, the party, which honors fellow music industry icon David Geffen, again promises to be spectacular with Janelle Monáe, Cee-Lo Green, and many more taking the stage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

For Davis the fact that people keep coming back is a testament to the music. "What's special to me is we're celebrating music the night of my pre-Grammy gala. There's no award being given out; you're there really to enjoy music and to enjoy either the best of the new music or the old-time stars. And the fact that they come back every year obviously means that they've had a great time and it is special to them and they want more of that," Davis told Popeater. "They see artists performing together that they never would have years ago. When Alicia first began I had her perform with Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston with Carlos Santana, or Lou Reed with Rod Stewart."