Nicki Minaj's glossy leopard print dress would have already been the talk of the Grammy red carpet, but her 'Bride of Frankenstein' hairdo brought it to another level of wild.

"This outfit is a masterpiece by Givenchy," she told Ryan Seacrest (via Us) before the Grammys. "What they made for me is just a miraculous piece of lioness meets her cub meets fierce-ocity meets fabulosity meets fashionista meets everything."

Minaj gets points just for being in consideration of night's wildest outfit with the arrival of Lady Gaga in an egg and Rihanna's layer cake gown.

"This is all my hair," she said. "At night, if I press a certain button, my hair grows up. I press another button, it activates the color in it."

"I'm just honored to be here," she told Seacrest.

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