While it might take more than mere chocolates and roses on Valentine's Day to make Taylor Swift swoon, Owl City's Adam Young is hoping to do it through the magic of music. On Monday, Young released a love song on Owl City's blog that was dedicated to Swift and, admittedly, intentionally timed for Valentine's Day.

The ball may now be in Swift's court, but she was the one to throw the first pitch: Young's song is actually an expanded, rearranged and slightly twisted take on Taylor's original track, 'Enchanted.' The original appears on her latest album, 'Speak Now,' and -- get this -- appears to be aimed at Young. Not only are the letters A-D-A-M capitalized in the lyric book, but, furthermore, Swift deliberately used the word 'wonderstruck' in the lyrics -- a word that Young used in what was apparently a memorable email exchange between the two.