Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara's famous curves are hidden in a new ad campaign.

PepsiCo snagged the 'Modern Family' actress as the new face of diet Pepsi's Skinny Can, but it looks like the diet drink wasn't the only thing to get a makeover.

Known for her voluptuous figure, Sofia looks downright skinny in the ad that features her bony shoulder at an insane angle and toned down chest. So has Sofia been sipping on diet Pepsi and nothing else, or is there more to it?

Digitally altered or not, Sofia is no stranger to PepsiCo. In 1996 she starred in a Pepsi commercial in which she strips down to an itsy-bitsy bikini in order to get her hands on an ice cold Pepsi. And according to her new ad, 15 years later Sofia has an even better bod.

Check out her 1996 Pepsi commercial after the jump!