The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew GarfieldToday, Sony Pictures simultaneously announced the title of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot (now called 'The Amazing Spider-Man') while releasing a brand-new image of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. After several on-set images of Spider-Man in costume leaked, this first image of the full Spider-Man costume (mask on and all) looks pretty good.

Obviously the studio had been paying attention to all the chatter following the release of the last photo, using this one to come right out and say, "Yes, this version of Spider-Man will have web-shooters." Said shooters are the clear highlight of the image, which features Spidey crouched down, about to spit some webs out from his (we assume) homemade device, which was absent from Sam Raimi's trilogy because the director didn't think a teenager would be smart enough to piece something like that together.