Channing Tatum drunk GQ
Channing Tatum covers the March issue of GQ magazine with (surprise!) a sexy new photo shoot. But we're psyched to say the written profile is as enticing as the 30-year-old actor's physique.

Writer Jessica Pressler spent 24 hours "deep in the California desert" with 'The Eagle' hunk Tatum, who the magazine dubs "the wild one" and "America's most fun movie star."

"In real life he's a big, good-looking Tickle Me Elmo," Pressler says at the outset of a tequila-soaked tale that plays out as an adventure-mystery; the actor and journalist hunt to locate Tatum's iPhone after a night of debauchery and schmoozing with the locals of almost-ghost town Randsburg, Calif. It's a memorable article, to say the least. Read on for the talking points.