Is it her? Is it them? Does she have a body of scales beneath her clothes? Why do men consistently cheat on the absolutely stunning Elizabeth Hurley?

The latest cheater is the Australian former cricket player Shane Warne. Chloe Conrad, a 26-year-old porn star, recently revealed explicit text messages she alleges Warne sent her after he and Hurley hooked up. She also divulged very dirty details about their sexual encounters. Hurley in turn recently revealed just how upset she was about the whole affair on Twitter.

Prior to the Warne incident, Hurley's baby daddy Steven Bing denied paternity by saying he and Hurley had a non-exclusive relationship (I think we all know what that means).

Before that, her boyfriend Hugh Grant admitted that he solicited the services of a female prostitute in 1995. The pair stayed together until 2000 when they amicably split.