Justin Bieber Rolling Stone sexTo the delight of young girls everywhere, Justin Bieber graces the latest cover of Rolling Stone and speaks candidly about girls, politics and ... sex.

The 16-year-old pop star, who is reportedly dating Selena Gomez, reveals he believes in waiting for love before having sex.

"I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them ... I think you should just wait for the person you're in love with," the 'Never Say Never' star says. (In the issue, we also find out that the desktop image on Bieber's laptop is a photo of him and Gomez against an orange sunset. Aww!)

And although Bieber isn't old enough to vote, he discusses politics, admitting he has an opinion on abortion.

"I really don't believe in abortion," Bieber says. "It's like killing a baby?" When pressed about abortion when the pregnancy is the result of rape, Bieber says: "Um. Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I guess I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that."