Jade Duell and Robert WilsonOwen Wilson and girlfriend Jade Duell welcomed their baby boy, Robert Ford Wilson, on Jan. 14, and now we finally can see what the bundle of joy looks like.

In the photo, Robert can be seen in a car seat, being carried by his mom.

Wilson revealed to Access Hollywood that the birth of his son has changed his outlook on babies in general. "I was never like somebody who was like, 'Oh gosh, it's a little baby! Let me hold it.'"

He continued, "They're so fragile, but then when it is your own, all of a sudden you feel a lot more confident. You really do have this bond, this real connection with this thing that a month ago wasn't even here ... It is strange."

And when asked whether Robert looked like his mom or dad, Wilson was unsure about the answer. "I don't know if you can say. Babies look a lot more like other babies than they ever do like their parents. That's what I've begun to notice!"