Charlie Sheen Lindsay LohanCharlie Sheen called into 'The Dan Patrick Show' on Wednesday and gave an eight-minute interview to set the record straight about his 'Two and a Half Men' hiatus and various reports surrounding his tumultuous life.

"It's just insane, I have to call in on a couple of things," Sheen told Dan Patrick on-air for the second time in three days.

"People need to understand how supremely grateful I am that someone stepped in here," Sheen said. "I don't want to say who, but you know, basically, Viacom showed up at my house and said, 'Dude, it's getting really obvious, and we're really worried about you. We don't give a rat's tooey about the show, we care about your health.' So, they came in and just man to man and said, 'We have to shut it down.'"

Somewhat arbitrarily, Sheen asked Patrick to notify him if Lindsay Lohan was ever secured as a guest for the show. "I've got some things I'd recommend she'd consider," Sheen said. "I don't tell anyone what to do."

Pressed for one piece of advice for Lohan, Sheen said: "Work on your impulse control. Just try to think things through a little bit before you do 'em."