Leighton Meester's Mom Accused of Making Death ThreatsLeighton Meester's character on 'Gossip Girl' may have been raised in the lap of luxury, but in real life, things on the home front have been far from perfect for the small-screen star.

According to RadarOnline.com, a Los Angeles judge has granted the actress's former friend Laurel Wiig a restraining order against Meester's mother and manager, Constance, who she has accused of making death threats. Constance, a former drug smuggler who gave birth to her actress daughter during a 10-year prison stint, is accused of threatening to "f**k up" and "hunt down and kill" Wiig.

"She is an addict and had made a threat to kill," Wiig described in court documents.

"Leighton Meester's mother has a history that seems as if it was scripted for a dramatic TV movie," RadarOnline founder and executive vice president David Perel tells PopEater.