Adrianne PalickiNBC released a wonderful bit of casting news today: 'Friday Night Lights' alum Adrianne Palicki is set to play the title role (and two alter-egos) in David E. Kelley's buzzed about 'Wonder Woman' reboot.

Kelley reportedly has a lot of work to do on the script, but Wonder Woman will have to do some serious heavy lifting of her own. Not only will Palicki play the star-spangled crimefighter, who's now based in LA, but she'll also play her alter-ego, billionaire CEO Diana Themyscira and Diana's mousy assistant Diana Prince.

Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman, already tweeted her congratulations to Palicki, saying, "Congratulations Adrianne!"

Palicki showed off her small-screen chops as Tyra on NBC's critically acclaimed drama 'Friday Night Lights' and, most recently, was a lead on Fox's ill-fated 'Lone Star.'