Sting and his beloved Trudie Styler caused quite a stir last month when they posed in some stunningly sexy positions for Harper's Bazaar, and now as she readies herself to perform with her husband on stage in the Schumann music revue 'Twin Spirits,' she sat down with me to tell her side of the story. The talented actress also reveals her secret for staying in love with the same person for 29 years.

Were you surprised by the response your Bazaar shot got?
The response has been very positive, especially here in the U.S. People appreciate our relationship. There were a couple of folks who didn't understand it, but they hadn't seen the pictures. It was a fashion shoot with an amazing photographer, Terry Richardson, and beautiful clothes -- I think they're great photos.

Does all the affection you guys show ever embarrass your kids?
I think they're probably used to it by now. I'm sure it's much more positive than having parents who show no affection, or who don't even seem to like each other. I'm happy if we're an example of how a relationship can work for many years.