Pop-Ed: Holy Camille Grammer! Beyonce has gone blonde in a big, big way. There's nothing wrong with mixing up your hair now and then, and this certainly isn't the first time Beyonce has lightened things up a bit. But some style experts are worried the singer has gone a little too big and too blonde and encroached on the territory of the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.'

"She looks like an RHOBH!!!!!! Or Orange County from back in the day? Or that crazy one in Atlanta with the bad Dolly Parton hair? Who knows. Point is, she doesn't look like Beyonce anymore," wrote hair and style expert Jackie Cascarano on the Lock & Mane blog.

Mind you, Beyonce isn't the first beautiful brunette to go bombshell blonde and channel an 'Real Housewife,' or perhaps a stripper with daddy issues.