On Cheryl Burke's first year with 'Dancing With the Stars,' she and partner Drew Lachey took home the mirror ball trophy. In that moment, America had discovered a new dancing queen and have adored her ever since. It turns out she's the only professional dancer to appear four times in the finals. However, bubbly Burke's private life has not been festooned with feathers and sequins. She has battled with her confidence and body issues, been involved in abusive relationships and was sexually molested as a child. She talks about all of it in her memoir, 'Dancing Lessons,' and spoke with PopEater about how being assaulted "ruined my self-esteem and confidence" for many years, and she gives her honest take on prying paparazzi.

"I think there's some really nice ones out there," she says. "But I do hate the ones that make it difficult for me, the ones that have criticized my weight, the ones who have called me a party girl and have made my parents worry about me."