Paris Hilton's 30 Birthday Party at LAVO in New York CitySurrounded by a candy bar, photo booth and sugary cocktails, Paris Hilton's 30th birthday bash at hot spot LAVO was pretty sweet.

Kicking off the party, Hilton, who wore a plunging black Marc Bouwer dress, took a few liqueur shots and sexily danced to a remixed version of her song 'Turn it Up.'

"This is my hometown where I was born, so I love all my New Yorkers. You guys rock," Hilton told the crowd, which included 'Entourage' star Adrian Grenier . "Thanks for coming. Let's party!"

Moments later, the crowd burst into 'Happy Birthday,' as a cake was ushered to her. "There are no candles, but I'll act like I'm blowing them out," Hilton laughed. She continued to dance all night at her VIP table but took several breaks to cuddle and kiss boyfriend Cy Waits.