In the eyes of many 'American Idol' fans, last season's runner-up Crystal Bowersox was a more interesting contestant than eventual winner Lee DeWyze (she at least has a more captivating name).

During her spell on 'Idol,' the Midwesterner covered Janis Joplin more than once with her passionate takes on such classics as 'Piece of My Heart' and 'Me and Bobby McGee.' She also represented a somewhat refreshing antidote to the more manufactured contestants on the show. Bowersox, with her tattoos and blond dreadlocks, is not exactly from the Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears school of pop stars. She suffers from diabetes, was a single mom and grew up in a family that was neither rich nor particularly stable.

Now 25, Bowersox released her debut album, 'Farmer's Daughter,' in December. The album features a dozen songs, with all but two written by the singer herself. Tracks like 'Holy Toledo,' 'Speak Now' and the title cut are autobiographical and don't sugarcoat anything. 'Farmer's Daughter' takes on the common, but not very popular, subject of a parent's alcoholism and abuse. Elsewhere on the record, she turns in a fine version of the Buffalo Springfield classic 'For What It's Worth'. PopEater recently had a chance to talk with Bowersox while she was passing through New York City.

Your wedding was not too long ago. How's married life so far?

Yes, 10/10/10. It's good! You know, with any relationship, there are ups and downs, but marriage is a commitment to work it out. There's no going back, and [we're] just focusing on loving each other and having a good time. We were friends before, and we're friends now, and he's still my best friend. I can tell him anything, and that's how it should be.