James Franco and Frida GianniniDoes James Franco sleep? And if so, when?

Now, in between teaching a course on himself, co-hosting the Oscars and appearing on soap operas, Franco is wearing the hat of Harper's Bazaar interviewer, with a Q&A in the March issue with Gucci designer Frida Giannini. Franco has also posed in ads for the design house.

The actor has a bit of a professional crush on the pretty blonde designer. He admits, "Frida and I have been in sync since we met. I love her work, and she supports mine. Creatively, I know we will always be in line with each other."

Franco gets inside Giannini's head with the kinds of questions a normal person would ask of a designer, namely, why do we see such wild creations on the runway when the average person can't wear or afford them?