Vinny Guadagnino may have brought his mom to 'The Wendy Williams Show' in hopes that her presence (sitting in the front row) would save him from any incriminating and/or embarrassing topics. But he's on 'Jersey Shore' -- clearly that ship has sailed. Wendy Williams seemed to agree, asking him pointedly about "smooshing" with fellow castmate Snooki.

He said they "sort of" smooshed. Williams clarified, "Well, you did enough where she complimented your manhood ... She said it's like putting a watermelon through a pinhole."

Guadagnino replied, "The good thing about Snooki is, Snooki don't lie." He then added, "I send her a check every week for that comment." In response to Snooki's declaration, Williams presented him with custom-made underwear. Watch the video after the jump!