Forget Elvis. On Tuesday, Princess Diana's iconic wedding dress was "in the building" when PopEater's Rob Shuter counted down the most glamorous wedding dresses on the 'Today' show.

But with another royal wedding just around the corner, Shuter dished that Kate Middleton may stray from the archetypal over-the-top gown that Prince William's mother embodied 30 years ago. Kate has some pretty chic shoes to fill -- Diana's dress goes down as the most photographed wedding gown ever.

Although Kate will not divulge the designer who will help her take Prince William's breath away at the alter, we do know that Kate will have one quick change. Between the ceremony and the reception, Kate will wear two different gowns.

And what's one thing that Kate learned from Diana's big day? Don't stuff your gown into a carriage on the way to the church. Kate will be arriving to Westminster Abbey by limo to avoid any gown wrinkling before the ceremony.

Among Shuter's other picks for most glamorous weddings are Katie Holmes, Chelsea Clinton, Carolyn Bessette and Mariah Carey's 1993 wedding.

Watch Shuter's conversation with the always-fabulous Natalie Morales and see more about Diana's gorgeous gown.