When it comes to spotting pop music, Johnny Wright's track record is one of the best. Now, the man that helped launch the careers of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and the Jonas Brothers is ready to prove that to the world with his new Internet talent search, 'On the Spot.' PopEater spoke with Wright about the show, why the Jonas Brothers would be good mentors for young talent and how boy bands have been vindicated.

What do you hope to achieve with 'On the Spot'?

It's like Britney coming from Kentwood, La., and Justin coming from Shelby County, Tenn. Had their parents not had the means to be able to bring them to the auditions in Florida for Disney's 'Mickey Mouse Club,' we might not have ever seen them. There are plenty of talented kids all over whose parents don't have the means to go off to these auditions for 'Idol' or go into the main cities to be able to become part of something where they might be seen by people like me. So, financial means has nothing to do with it, as long as you can get in front of a camera and upload a video and send it to me.

Now you have access to me where you might not have been able to because of the situation you're in. The other aspect of it, because it's the internet and it's interactive, there will be times where I will call to fans to upload videos about things that they see in the process. I'll actually get to see and hear the people that are following their process with me and get their feedback.