Lindsay Lohan put off her problems for another couple of weeks on Wednesday and declined to take a plea deal that Judge Keith L. Schwartz promised would include jail time, setting up another hearing on March 10 that will again address charges she stole a necklace and violated probation.

"I don't care that you're Lindsay Lohan vs. Jane Doe. It doesn't affect me," Judge Schwartz said in the Los Angeles courtroom with Lohan, wearing white pants and a low-cut shirt, looking on. "This case does involve jail time. Period. If you plead in front of me, you are going to jail."

But Lohan and her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, opted to push the case to another hearing set for March 10 rather than take a deal yet. The judge said that the next time she faces him she'll need to decide whether to settle or not.

He said he wasn't holding his breath for a quick resolution, though.

"I get the impression you are not going to accept the DA's offer," Judge Schwartz said. "That's the feeling I got. If you settle this case, you will be treated exactly the same as anyone else."