In 'Hall Pass,' Owen Wilson plays a man whose wife grants him a one week break from their marriage, so he can live the bachelor life, with everything that entails. But how would one explain such a "hall pass" to some little kids? The actor uses a dessert metaphor in a Funny or Die clip he shared on 'The Tonight Show.'

"You can only have blueberry pie for the rest of your life," he tells the boys at a birthday party. "That would be awesome," says one. Wilson continues, "But imagine after you've had it a million times. I mean, don't you like apple pie? You can't have those anymore. It's just blueberry pie."

"Can I stick my finger in another pie?" the boy asks innocently. Wilson says, "There are no loopholes: There's no licking, there's no fingering [another] pie ... It's just blueberry pie." Watch the video after the jump!