Jennifer Lopez cries after sending Chris Medina home from American Idol Chris Medina was cut Wednesday night from 'American Idol,' less than a month after telling the world his heartbreaking story about standing by his severely disabled fiancee. Tasked with delivering the bad news to Medina, judge Jennifer Lopez finally let her guard down and wept uncontrollably.

Lopez's raw and surprising show of emotion proves there is still some humanity left in Hollywood, even from a renowned diva like J.Lo.

"She spends her life being catered to, so she's not faced with people who are in such difficult circumstances and that show such courage in the face of tragedy. This really got through to her," Hollywood Life's Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller tells PopEater. "She's no Angelina Jolie, but this was a breakthrough moment. The true test is whether or not this passion lasts." Read Hollywood Life's Coverage of 'Idol'