Michael Jackson's Children Open Up on 'Good Morning America' Two years after the devastating loss of their father, Michael Jackson's children are opening up about how they've coped with Jackson's death and what their lives are like now. In an exclusive interview with 'Good Morning America' host Robin Roberts, Jackson's mother, Katherine, commends her grandchildren's strength, saying, "It was kind of hard at first, but they've adjusted pretty well."

Despite the media frenzy that surrounded them while their father was alive, Jackson's three children, Prince, Paris and Prince Michael II, are embracing the normalcy of their current lives while hoping to keep their father's memory alive. Paris Jackson, who told the audience at her father's memorial service that Jackson was "the best father you could ever imagine," says that much like her father, she's developed a flair for performance. "I'm thinking about auditioning for a play," she tells Roberts.