Who better to give his opinion on this year's most celebrated films than heavyweight champion and actor Mike Tyson.

In this clip, from FunnyOrDie, Tyson sits down with Leonard Maltin to thoughtfully pontificate on the myriad ways that this year's Oscar-nominated films have pushed the envelope -- or something like that.

From insisting that Meryl Streep is nominated for 'All The Kids Are Here' to stating that Mark Wahlberg of 'The Fighter' couldn't hold his own in the ring without The Funky Bunch backing him up, Tyson was not short on some pretty heavy Oscar opinions.

But who was one actress that received Tyson's stamp of approval? He gushed that Halle Berry's performance in 'Avatar' (which he insisted was a 2010 film) was "just stupefying."

Tyson goes on to tout his own film -- 'The Pigeon Whisperer' -- which he believes should have been in the Oscar running for best picture. Watch the FunnyOrDie clip inside!