The success of films like 'The Fighter,' 'Temple Grandin' and 'Conviction' is due in part to their showcasing the triumph of the human spirit. But when these true stories are exemplified on the silver screen, the power of the cinema can turn real-life heroes into a strange celebrity of their own.

When Dicky Eklund surprised Christian Bale on stage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, a familiar scene played out in front of viewers. Bale, who played Eklund in 'The Fighter,' threw an arm around the former boxer and said, "This is the original quacker right here. Thank you for living the life, and thank you for letting me play you."

"How do you like me now?" replied Eklund.

"I like you now," joked Bale.

'The Fighter's' success hasn't always been a laughing matter for Eklund. "It made me sad to watch it," he told the Boston Herald after previewing the film.