In his first sit-down interview since leaving rehab, David Arquette revealed some doozies to Oprah, among them that he suspected his currently estranged wife Courtney Cox strayed during their marriage and that he felt dwarfed by her success. The actor also delved into his past history with alcohol and denied that he ever cheated on Cox.

Our body language expert chronicled Arquette's every move and he tells us that the actor meant what he said, but that he remains a very confused man.

"Overall, I'd say that he was sincere about what he was saying, but is still in a slightly confused place in his life, really trying hard to process it all, deal with his emotions and addictions, and do what he thinks is right regarding his family. There is some inner conflict present, and he has his work cut out for him, for sure," says body language expert Vincent Harris, author of 'The Productivity Epiphany.'