Meredith Vieira and Jay LenoMeredith Vieira should probably just start sitting on her hands from now on. Especially if she intends to continue working in a country that takes anything and everything in a sexual way. The FCC can't police our minds, and Vieira did nothing to help her case of innocence with her appearance on 'The Tonight Show.'

Her troubles began on 'Today' when she interviewed Best Actor Oscar nominee Colin Firth, and then fellow nominee and Oscars host James Franco. When you're talking to a man, you really can't offer to polish anything of his. So even though she was innocently offering to polish Firth's Oscar if he won -- which is an odd thing to offer anyway, Meredith -- dirty minds immediately went somewhere else.

Later, she found out Franco heard the offer, so to deny that she was implying Firth would win, she offered to polish Franco's Oscar if he won. Jay Leno was having a field day just watching her dig a bigger hole, though he certainly helped her dig it. Watch the video after the jump.