Charlie Sheen moves fast. After engineering his own career meltdown with months of drug-and-prostitute-laced scandal -- then topping it all off this week with scathing public rants about his show's creator, Chuck Lorre, prompting CBS to cancel the remaining season of 'Two and a Half Men' -- Sheen is reportedly seeking a new, off-camera source of income.

Caribbean getaways and Plaza suites don't pay for themselves, people! (Neither do children.)

The actor, who recently claimed he kicked drugs at his employers' behest "in about an hour," is now writing a tell-all book about 'Two and a Half Men,' according to TMZ.

Details about life on set, and what led to the abrupt flameout of CBS' longtime hit and No. 1 sitcom cash cow, are expected to dominate the memoir.

'When the Laughter Stopped' is the title he's reportedly pitching, and TMZ says Sheen wants $10 million for the rights to publish his story. No doubt, the audiobook version could be a masterpiece.