Helena Bonham Carter Award Show Fashion. Does she need an Oscars stylist?
By showing up the the 2011 Golden Globes wearing mismatched shoes, HelenaBonham Carter proved she doesn't adhere to fashion rules. And even though the quirky actress already dubbed her upcoming Oscars gown a "catastrophe," one stylist hopes the nominated actress will take her fashion statement a little more seriously for the Oscars.

"She is a brilliant actress, so she needs to be a bit more serious about her wardrobe," fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo told PopEater at the 23rd Annual Bailey House Auction party.

Although the actress isn't interested in stylists, Valvo would step up at the last minute to give her a stunning look for the Oscars. "I would give her whimsical and quirky personality a bit of sophicication," he said.