Mark Logue never met his grandfather, but his legacy prefaced Mark's entire life. As the grandson of Lionel Logue, the speech therapist who helped George VI overcome a stammer (played by Geoffrey Rush in 'The King's Speech'), Mark is learning about his grandfather's crucial role in the King's life alongside moviegoers.

In 'The King's Speech: How One Man Saved the British Monarchy,' Mark and co-author, Peter Conradi, delve into Lionel's diaries and records to discover more about the relationship between the speech therapist and the King.

There may be incredible Oscar buzz surrounding the film, but Mark isn't convinced his grandfather would enjoy the spotlight. "If he were alive, I don't think the film would have ever been made. He was incredibly secretive and respectful of the Duke of York, well the King's privacy, that confidentiality," said Logue.

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