As you take in the wild new Ke$ha video, 'Blow,' you may be witnessing a career comeback attempt inspired by a very familiar template for success.

Ke$ha's co-star in her trippy clip is none other than 'Dawson's Creek' heartthrob James Van Der Beek. The actor, 33, hasn't had as much luck as fellow 'Dawson's' vet Michelle Williams (a Best Actress nominee at tonight's Academy Awards for 'Blue Valentine') in springboarding from the beloved 1990's series into serious grown-up fare.

His challenge mirrors what 'How I Met Your Mother' star Neil Patrick Harris once faced: Few can see the cute teen TV idol, adored (trapped?) for years in a long-running primetime role, as an adult with serious acting skills. In a brilliant move, grown-up NPH agreed to appear in the 'Harold & Kumar' comedies, playing a heightened version of himself with just two character motivations: Party and be a total tool.

The rest is history. And Van Der Beek certainly seems to be pursuing a similar triumph.

'Blow' sends up Van Der Beek's sensitive-guy persona, as he stalks an otherworldly party for a bad-ass encounter with Ke$ha, who calls him 'James Van Der Douche' with a sneer. The actor tweeted, "Ever wonder what would happen if @keshasuxx & I fought a gun battle among Unicorns? Wonder no more."