the king's speech oscars guy pearceI'll admit it. I thought about presenting my interview with Guy Pearce -- who plays King Edward VIII in Oscar hopeful 'The King's Speech' -- in reverse. A meta-tribute to the granddaddy of meta-narratives, 'Memento,' which just celebrated its 10th anniversary (hence, the new special-edition Blu-ray).

Pearce's breakout performance in 'L.A. Confidential' should have put him on the path to fabulous stardom. It did for his co-star and fellow Aussie Russell Crowe, who snatched A-list status. Why not Guy?

Cutting the sob story short, fast-forward to Pearce hooking up with young director Christopher Nolan, who would cast Pearce in the lead of the 2000 indie masterpiece 'Memento.' Sure, it wasn't 'Gladiator,' but hey, it wasn't 'Proof of Life,' either.

After the jump, Pearce indulges in some 'King's Speech' Oscar talk, his preternatural knack for spotting good scripts, and his co-star Colin Firth's many recent award wins.