charlie sheen TMZ interviewAfter no less than three lengthy Charlie Sheen sit-down interviews hit TV and the Internet Monday morning, the vocal 'Two and a Half Men' star spoke live with TMZ for more than 45 minutes in his own back yard.

Moments after the interview, Sheen's longtime publicist, Stan Rosenfield, resigned.

TMZ's reporter did a fair amount of envelope-pushing with Sheen, including asking where the star's almost-2-year-old twin sons were currently located.

"They're right in there somewhere," Sheen said of Max and Bob, his twins with soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller, while gesturing toward his home.

Asked who is parenting the boys, Sheen gestured to his two young blonde "goddesses" (at least one of whom is a verified porn actress) and several friends lounging in his back yard. "Everybody here is parenting the kids. They're running into walls, but they're screaming 'Da-Da' when they do it," Sheen said.