kacey jordan charlie sheen
Charlie Sheen's 22-year-old porn star pal Kacey Jordan and lifelong friend Sean Penn have both spoken to GQ magazine for a striking long-form piece that digs deep into what makes Sheen tick.

Opening up to GQ writer Amy Wallace in February, Sheen recapped his widely reported 36-hour coke-fueled porn star party: "In regards to this whole recent odyssey, I'll just say this: It was epic. There are two rules at my house right now: You park your judgment at the door, and you enjoy every moment. People can interpret that however they want. Enjoy every sober moment. Enjoy every loaded moment. Just enjoy every moment. It's not a rehearsal, you know?"

After the jump, read Kacey Jordan's sad account of what "enjoy every moment" meant to Sheen hours before his hospitalization.