Twenty-seven years ago, MTV challenged the way people looked at music by honoring not just songs but videos in the first-ever Video Music Awards. Now, TV's biggest music network thinks it has the right formula to do it all over again. MTV has announced plans for a digital music award show, the OMAs, and MTV's head of music group digital, Dermot McCormack, tells PopEater he's out to push the envelope -- whether people like it or not.

"Back in 1984 when MTV debuted the inaugural VMAs, lots of folks raised their eyebrows about a cable channel launching an award show to celebrate a relatively new medium, the music video," McCormack says. "Much like the first VMAs, which are actually the inspiration for the OMAs, we expect and in fact encourage a few raised eyebrows with the OMAs."

MTV, however, continues to be elusive about the actual show, which is set to debut in April, and won't even say what the "O" in OMAs is supposed to mean.