Charlie Sheen did not attend The Museum of the Moving Image Salutes Alec Baldwin event in New York last night, but he was there in spirit.

The tribute to Baldwin's body of work was peppered with jabs at the troubled 'Two and a Half Men' star, whose one-man publicity tour makes him an easy target.

"I shudder to think what kind of low rent, 'Two and a Half Men' show we would have had without you," Tina Fey expressed to Baldwin as she spoke of '30 Rock.'

Badlwin's 'Beetlejuice' star Michael Keaton opened the night with a Charlie joke. "Alec Baldwin, whose real name is Chaim Levine," he quipped to audience laughter, referencing Sheen's shot at his boss Chuck Lorre. "Charlie hits it so hard, too. That's the thing."

Keaton then drifted into a short tangent about the implications of Charlie's vitriol toward Lorre. ("Would he say the same thing as 'Chuck Lorre's real name is Tommy Wilson'?")