Is Charlie Sheen starting to make sense? A day after barraging the airwaves with what seemed like a dozen oft-erratic media interviews, the 'Two and a Half' men actor called Howard Stern's radio show this morning and sounded perfectly put-together and coherent as he made his case that CBS is being "ridiculous" by painting him as incapable of doing his job.

"It's silly on its best day. And everybody around me and everybody involved would attest to that," he told Stern of CBS's rationale for shutting 'Men' down. "The thing that's really frustrating is that I parked all my manic behavior and all my weirdness, and I got right to the point and I asked Chuck Lorre some very specific questions that everybody saw on the 'Today' show yesterday, and nothing, not a phone call, not a word, not an answer to any of these very basic questions that he's the only one that can answer."