It was only six months ago when Kirstie Alley shot down rumors she would be appearing on 'Dancing with the Stars,' telling everyone she didn't think she had the nerves for it. So what made the 'Cheers' star change her mind?

"She wasn't ready last season. Mentally and physically she just couldn't get her head around doing the show," a friend of the actress tells me. "Kirstie just turned 60, so I think she decided to take on her fear before it was too late."

Kirstie has integrated dance into her fitness routine for some time and even told that in between sets with exercise equipment, "I dance really hard. And then I dance at the end for about 20 minutes. I do this anywhere from four to six times a week. And then I pretend like I'm Muhammad Ali at a disco."

Well, now Kirstie won't have to pretend to be a dancing queen any longer.