Pop-Ed: Charlie Sheen believes his tiger blood and Adonis DNA allow him to treat women like objects, sex slaves and nannies -- anything but his equals.

Watch any of Sheen's live interviews in his posh Hollywood estate and you will see one of his two goddesses, Natty, a bikini model, and Rach (also known as Bree, her porn name) scurrying about in the background, making coffee, fetching one of Charlie's twins or generally giggling (cowering?) behind sunglasses while they watch their lord and master do his thing on camera.

"He treats these women like they are interchangeable objects," says Jessica Wakeman, a blogger for The Frisky, a pop culture site for young women. "He is a rich, white, attractive dude who has power in Hollywood and because of that he is sending a message to people that it is acceptable to treat women like this."